creating a kid-friendly basement play space

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creating a kid-friendly basement play space

I wanted to finish my basement in a way that was bright, fun, and easy to keep clean. My plans were to create a space that the kids could do whatever they want in and not cause any permanent damage. I have done all that I can to protect the walls, but was still left with the difficult choice of what to use to cover the concrete floors. Did I want carpeting that would be more comfortable for them to sit on or did I want hardwood floors that would be easier to clean? I went back and forth for a few weeks and finally talked with a flooring professional. So, what did we do? My blog will tell you!


3 Reasons Marble Tiles Are A Great Flooring Option For You

If you are renovating your home or perhaps building a new one, flooring is actually one of the sensitive aspects that demand your attention. The type of floor you install will highly determine the elegance and comfort of your home's interiors. For this reason, pay attention to the flooring materials you use to ensure you end up with a floor that meets your needs. Marble tiles are great flooring materials for your home's floor. Read More 

Why Hardwood Flooring Is A Superb Choice For Your Home

Despite being one of the oldest flooring materials available today, hardwood remains an all-time fave for homeowners due to the many incredible advantages it offers. If you're currently in the market for flooring products for your new home construction, it's a good idea to consider hardwood flooring. Here are some unique qualities that make hardwood floors a great choice for your residential building. Hardwood is a natural thermal insulator As a natural flooring material, hardwood is remarkably thermally efficient. Read More