creating a kid-friendly basement play space

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creating a kid-friendly basement play space

I wanted to finish my basement in a way that was bright, fun, and easy to keep clean. My plans were to create a space that the kids could do whatever they want in and not cause any permanent damage. I have done all that I can to protect the walls, but was still left with the difficult choice of what to use to cover the concrete floors. Did I want carpeting that would be more comfortable for them to sit on or did I want hardwood floors that would be easier to clean? I went back and forth for a few weeks and finally talked with a flooring professional. So, what did we do? My blog will tell you!


Why Choose Hardwood Flooring Over Other Flooring Options

Are you getting ready to redo the flooring of your home but you aren't sure which material to go with? Real hardwood can be a great option for any kind of home, and it blends well with all types of furniture. Here are some reasons to select real hardwood over competing flooring materials. Hardwood is Natural Some homeowners are looking for ways to avoid adding unnecessary chemicals to their home. Having a real hardwood flooring material makes the decision an easy one when you are looking for natural materials. Read More 

Solid Vs. Laminate Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a great upgrade to pretty much any room. However, there are many different types of hardwood. They come with different price tags, installation requirements, and maintenance needs. Basically, you need to do your research and find the type of hardwood that is best for your home. Solid and laminated hardwood floors have a lot of similarities, but they have some key differences that you want to consider before making any decisions for your home. Read More 

Give Your House A Facelift Without Major Remodel Costs

Every 10 years or so, homeowners may start itching to fix up their home and make it feel fresh. But when you don't have the budget for a major remodel, you're probably looking for strategies that will have a big impact for not too much money. With that in mind, let's consider some impactful options: Repaint One of the favorites of cheap remodeling experts is to repaint, either in a different color or even the same color. Read More 

A Couple Of Tips For Homeowners With Floor Drains

Water accumulating along the floors of your home can be a major problem for some homeowners. In addition to making the area unsafe, this moisture can also contribute to the floor developing severe rot. Luckily, floor drains can be an effective solution for helping you to manage this problem, but you will need to utilize some tips to ensure that the floor drain function at peak efficiency.   Keep The Grate Clear Of Dirt, Hair And Mineral Accumulations Read More 

How To Protect Your Porcelain Flooring

No matter what kind of home decor style you have, you can find porcelain tile to fit your needs and complement the overall look. The versatile stone flooring comes in a wide variety of designs and colors, such as grey and brown marble for an elegant style, polished white for a refined look, and even bold colors such as blue, green, red and yellow.  If you prefer a more natural, rustic appearance in your home, you can also find porcelain tile that resembles the look of real wood. Read More