creating a kid-friendly basement play space

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creating a kid-friendly basement play space

I wanted to finish my basement in a way that was bright, fun, and easy to keep clean. My plans were to create a space that the kids could do whatever they want in and not cause any permanent damage. I have done all that I can to protect the walls, but was still left with the difficult choice of what to use to cover the concrete floors. Did I want carpeting that would be more comfortable for them to sit on or did I want hardwood floors that would be easier to clean? I went back and forth for a few weeks and finally talked with a flooring professional. So, what did we do? My blog will tell you!


How To Do More With A Wood Floor

When considering a wood flooring installation project, some folks want to know if there's more they can do than just lay down boards in straight lines and have them treated. Hardwood floor installation options are just as diverse as the homes they go into, and here are 5 ideas you might want to think about.

A Different Tone

Most families and businesses that put in wood floors choose to have them stained in brown, yellow, red, or golden colors that accentuate the wood appearance. If you want to change things up, though, darker shades are great options to look at. This can be especially appealing if you're planning to install hardwood in an otherwise light-toned room, providing a strong contrast.

Change the Pattern

Slats of wood laid down in straight lines are the norm. You can go with a radical redirect by using a herringbone pattern, creating a wavy and jagged look. It's also possible to stagger wood pieces that are laid out in straight lines to break up the monotony. Even installing larger gaps between the sections of wood is now an option with epoxies that can fill the gaps. In any of these cases, the idea is simple: do something more than using straight lines to break up the pattern.

Get Rough with It

While the easy way to make a floor look classy is to purchase the finest woods available, rough woods can be real attention-getters. Leaving the knots and swirls in the wood gives it instant character. If you want more of a country feel in a room, these woods can give a space a strong sense of naturalness. There's no need to worry about the use of rough cuts because modern sanding and coating techniques make it possible to create ultra-smooth surfaces.

Flattening the Look

The majority of finishes that are used in wood flooring installation efforts are glossy and bright. You can surprise folks who visit your place by using a matte finish instead. The look ends up being more rustic, and it also can draw the eye away from the floor as a design focal point. This can be a real stand-out look if you use with aged woods that have grayed, such as materials recovered from previous builds.

Mix and Match

None of the options listed here are mutually exclusive. Don't be afraid to mix and match ideas, such as using an unusual pattern and a dark stain.

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