creating a kid-friendly basement play space

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creating a kid-friendly basement play space

I wanted to finish my basement in a way that was bright, fun, and easy to keep clean. My plans were to create a space that the kids could do whatever they want in and not cause any permanent damage. I have done all that I can to protect the walls, but was still left with the difficult choice of what to use to cover the concrete floors. Did I want carpeting that would be more comfortable for them to sit on or did I want hardwood floors that would be easier to clean? I went back and forth for a few weeks and finally talked with a flooring professional. So, what did we do? My blog will tell you!


Why Choose Hardwood Flooring Over Other Flooring Options

Are you getting ready to redo the flooring of your home but you aren't sure which material to go with? Real hardwood can be a great option for any kind of home, and it blends well with all types of furniture. Here are some reasons to select real hardwood over competing flooring materials.

Hardwood is Natural

Some homeowners are looking for ways to avoid adding unnecessary chemicals to their home. Having a real hardwood flooring material makes the decision an easy one when you are looking for natural materials. It won't have added chemicals used in most flooring materials, and it will not cause vapors to seep into the air. Hardwood will also be a much better environmental choice, even when it comes time to dispose of the material in the future.

Hardwood is Simple to Clean

You may be looking for ways to cut down on chores around the house. Ceramic tile and carpeting can cause a lot of work to maintain the material over the years. For instance, carpeting must be vacuumed frequently and will need steam cleaning after years of wear and tear. Also, the material can easily stain, which will cause you to put a lot of work and money into removing the stain from the carpet fibers.

Tile will have stains that affect the grout, which is a labor intensive process to scrub so that the grout can return to its normal color. Hardwood just requires the occasional sweeping to keep the material clean.

Harwood is Better For Allergies

With breathing illnesses and allergies being so common, you'll want a flooring material that is hypoallergenic. This makes hardwood a great choice because there are no synthetic fibers that will trap allergens in it. Carpeting is known to trap pollen, dust mites, and pet dander that will make its way into the air.

Hardwood is a Wise Investment

You should be taking steps to make your home look as attractive as possible for when it comes time to eventually sell it. Carpeting is going to look old and worn when you are ready to sell, but hardwood can actually give your home a boost in value. You may find potential buyers that gravitate towards a home that has hardwood, or if you aren't looking to sell, hardwood will simply give you a home with increased value and aesthetic appeal.

In addition, hardwood will last much longer than competing materials, since you will not have to ever replace the material once it is installed. For more information and flooring options, contact a flooring company, such as Blair & Sons Floor Co.